Moravian Academy skiff prepares to participate in the first international St. Ayles Skiff Race in Ullapool, Scotland

Welcome to the Informational and Planning Page for Moravian Academy Family and Friends!

As a parent of a Lower School student I am happy to serve as information and travel liaison for Michael Brolly (Upper School Wood Working Teacher and Artist). We hope this web-site will help you with planning and deciding on the once in a lifetime trip to Scotland to support Moravian Academy students and alumni in the racing and displaying of the beautiful handmade Sephira.

Please note that we are in the very early stages of researching a trip to Scotland. I have been given some contacts to aide in airfare, transfers and accommodations. This is an independent trip abroad and is not being offered by Moravian Academy. Any student who goes MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

I am excited in helping plan this trip, and my family and I look forward to seeing everyone in Scotland. I am glad you made it this far in clicking on the link for more information. I think the more friends we have in Scotland the more fun we will have cheering for our school.

There is an enormous amount of planning and logistics in making this a group trip/tour. Michael and I are trying to get an idea of will people only come for race week or just for race day? Would you like a few days in London or Dublin? If you would like some time in another city, would you prefer pre or post race? Would you like the choice of one
short itinerary and one long itinerary? Since this is not school sponsored trip, do you wish to make your own travel arrangements? Would more people go if we got a group rate? These are all the questions we need answered before we contact the travel agency to put a package together.

As you can tell from the last paragraph, at this early stage of planning, any and all suggestions and input about this trip would be greatly appreciated!

Please e-mail Michael Brolly at or myself at I am an international flight attendant for American Airlines so if my response to any e-mails is delayed it is because I am out of the country. I apologize in advance.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


            Heather Brennan

                       (Lower School Parent)


What is The Musical Ark?

Sephira, a St. Ayles style skiff, was built by Moravian Academy Students and Staff. The boat was designed by Iain Oughtred and modified by Michael Brolly to be able to play music in the range of Whale Speak.

It is believed that the size of the instrument will convey to the whales the seriousness of our intent to communicate with them. Whales have the largest brains on the planet. We have scientists, musicians, artists and some really powerful computers dedicated to the notion that if we can communicate that we are sorry for the centuries of abuse inflicted by our species onto the whales and their environment we will eventually benefit from their other worldly intelligence.

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Half Boat & Half Musical Instrument

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.